Stage 1 Content Development


Draft 1

  • Initial gathering of up to 20 pages of content grouped in the Main Menu and Subpages
  •  A “featured image” and up to 3 additional images per page
  • up to 30 additional images can be displayed in a “gallery” Menu Item linking to a plugin
  • A basic contact form that can be linked to a mailing list in Stage 2

Intermediate Drafts

  • Client may conduct ongoing reviews and editions of content on their own page copies which they collect locally on their machines or on DropBox

Final Draft

  • Before completion of Stage 1 all Main Menu and Subpages are reviewed: Client submits requested changes using color for the passages that need editing


  • Stage 1 includes a “featured image” for each page, and up to 3 additional images per page

Stage 2 Webdevelopment

  • New phase under new contract includes additions of plugins, application of new themes, additional content and images, etc. etc.

Note: Webdevelopment is an ongoing dynamic process, as security requirements and evolution in applied technologies continue to evolve.